Our Mission: Promote the health of individuals by empowering them to select and order their own lab tests.

Our Goal: Save YOU Money.

  • YOU Chose Your Physician
  • YOU Chose Your Pharmacy...
  • Now YOU may Choose Your Laboratory

3 simple steps to ordering and receiving your lab tests:


Order the tests you want after consulting with your health care provider. Order common tests online at: myaffordalab (One non-commercial site to learn about lab tests is HERE)


Select your client service in Wichita KS (316-681-2741) or Hays, KS (785-625-5026) to have them collected. Call first for pricing or if you have a special request. Then shop around. We want you to shop around.


Receive your results. We mail them directly to you. When you get your results, we suggest you inform your health care provider. Alternatively, with your permission, we will send your results to your provider.

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